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October 9, 2017



My experience with Granulomatous Mastitis changed the way how I look at life right now.  It all started a year ago, 2016. The painful experience started as a lump on the right breast that would not go away. I went to the Gynaecologist and she just had me take anti inflammatory medicines. After a month the lump came back and I consulted a different gynaecologist this time and suggested that I go for ultrasound. They referred me to a different surgeon back then. I did all the tests, MRI, FNA Biopsy, etc.   I decided to agree on the surgeon’s suggestion to remove the lump even though it was benign and had no signs that it was cancer.

I was afraid I would develop breast cancer as my grandmother had it and died from it. The mass taken from my right breast was tested for bacteria, and acid fast bacilli for tuberculosis, all tests that was done to me returned negative. No bacteria, No Tuberculosis, nothing inside my breasts. Thought the pain and horror of lump excision will be over after the operation. Two months after, I developed fever and my breasts are red, super sore and painful. I had developed breast abscess on the left breast (the breast which was not operated on).

The experience on this new developed condition is more painful than the lump excision I had before. The current surgeon I was consulting with suggested I have breast incision and drainage. After a month or two of going to the same surgeon, he suggested I transfer to Rheumatology department as I have to take steroids to get well as my breasts are not closing on its own like it is supposed to. The Rheumatologist suggested I take 40mg of steroids which I did not agree with as the steroids had adverse effects on other parts of my body and I still plan to have a baby after my son. This started my quest to find a new doctor. I have seen a few doctors asking for advice on my condition and all suggested I take Steroids as the Rheumatologist suggested. After all hope of finding a specialist who has experience on my condition is almost lost, I tried to find in Google the keywords “Abu Dhabi Doctor Granulomatous Mastitis”. Lo and Behold, the Name of Dr. Ritu came in the search with her website and I tried contacting her via Whatsapp. She was out of the country back then. When she came back, she agreed to see me.

That started the journey to healing for me. She is the only doctor who explained what really happened to my breasts. She is very accommodating to think that my health card was not covering ACDS last year. After 2 months of taking a low dose of steroid, only 5mg compared to what was the rheumatologist was suggesting which 40mg, my breasts started to heal is.  It was a slow healing process but it never got worse than it was before. Until now, I am consulting Dr. Ritu every three months to check and both breasts are closed now for about a month or two. Dr. Ritu is the only doctor I think who has experience with Granulomatous mastitis here in Abu Dhabi. If you have similar case, I think consulting her would be the best option.

Unusual abdominal pain

Unusual abdominal pain

Unusual abdominal pain

Mr. Riad was visiting Dubai for business purposes when he developed stomach pain and loose motions. He initially attributed it to food that he may have eaten while traveling. But since pain persisted for the whole day, he visited our hospital to meet a gastroenterologist in Dubai, where I evaluated him. Mr. Riad was an otherwise healthy gentleman in his mid-forties and did not have any other illnesses. He had been having intermittent gastro problems such as stomach pain and cramps, bloated feeling and increased gasses since the past one year. Occasionally he used to have diarrhea that used to last a couple of days. There was no weight loss of fever. In between these episodes he used to absolutely fine. Continue reading Unusual causes of abdominal pain.

Screen Shot 2017-06-19 at 2.56.40 PM

Screen Shot 2017-06-19 at 2.56.40 PM

Minimally Invasive Thyroidectomy

From open to laparoscopic to endoscopic scarless thyroidectomy

The classical surgery for thyroidectomy was a charm for all surgical residents. The work up, the positioning of the patient, marking the incision, raising the flaps, division of strap muscles, exposure of gland, tying of pedicles, identification of recurrent laryngeal nerve and dissecting the gland of the trachea. The steps were delineated like a drill of a military troop and followed in precision from the consultant to the first year resident. The surgery would be conducted like an orchestra with a rhythm.

Continue reading Minimally Invasive Thyroidectomy: A technique that has come to stay

hiatal hernia 2

(Treated by radiofrequency ablation and antireflux surgery)

The esophagus passes via an opening in the diaphragm as it paths throughout the chest to the stomach eventually ending in the stomach. This opening is generally sufficient for the passing of the esophagus and nothing else. Patients which have a hiatal hernia have an increased opening. A sliding hernia is the most typical of the four representing over eighty percent of all Hiatal hernias. The low esophageal sphincter- the high-pressure area near the junction of the gut and esophagus- fails and allows gut contents to reflux into the esophagus. The symptoms related to a hiatal hernia are variable, but typically include Heartburn – 30 – sixty minutes after eating.

Continue reading “Hiatal hernia” A common cause of reflux and Barrett’s esophagus

Ventral Hernia

(Open Surgery To Laparoscopic Surgery)

For a lot of people, the 1st time they look down at their midsection and see certainly a hernia bulging through, it might be an odd vision – and more than simply somewhat unsettling. It may likewise be confounding for all those people for whom the hernia occasionally carries on to pop in and pop from vision, making the individual second guess be it even actually there at all. The first stage in the process of healing is diagnosis by a physician and after that, for most, surgery. Hernia operation became a pretty routine procedure, and thousands of them are done by surgeons around the world every year.

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