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October 21, 2019

WhatsApp Image 2019 10 09 at 11.04.12 1280x800 - Are Women in Surgery a Different Class!!!

We had a “Women in surgery” seminar with “Patricia L Turner” who came all the way from US as a representative of American College of Surgeons. The girls attending the seminar shared that they formed 50 percent of the workforce in Rashid Hospital Surgery department. The students of Mohammed Bin Rashid University highlighted that the women to men ratio in their batch of medical college was 70:30.

It just took me reminiscing to three decades back when in my medical college the wom ...

dr. blog - Pilodidal Sinus: Traditional Treatment or the Latest for a Painless Recovery

A young girl presented with a swelling on the lower back with severe pain. On examination she had a pilonidal abscess. She was admitted in emergency and drainage of the abscess was done. There was a large wound after the surgery. It took around 2 months of regular dressing to heal it. One year later she had a recurrent abscess. This burst on its own. The doctor then advised her surgery to remove the sinus. There was a sutured wound after Third surgery. It developed a seroma and a collection. ...

dr. blog - Understanding Surgery: A One-on-One with Dr. Ritu Khare

What are some recent groundbreaking laparoscopic surgical techniques for cancer patients?

It is an exciting phase. The first barrier has been breached. Patients’ understand how keyhole or laparoscopic surgery can benefit them. For cancers, the results of laparoscopic surgery are comparable or even better than open surgery. Patient acceptance and tolerance is better and post-operative recovery is faster. The survival of cancer patients’ has further improved with adv ...


Diabetes and Liver Disease

A 62-year-old gentleman presented to our liver center with complaints of swelling of the legs since 6 months. He also complained of generalized weakness, fatigue, and loss of appetite. He was a diabetic since the past 20 years and had been overweight in the last 5 years. He did not consume alcohol. The patient used to visit his diabetes doctor regularly and had been told to have fatty liver on an ultrasound scan 2 years ago. A liver function ...

liver cirrhosis

Fatty liver is an extremely common condition that affects 20-30% of all adults. Fatty liver is usually diagnosed on an ultrasound scan of the liver. The liver tests in the blood may or may not be abnormal. Individuals of any age can be affected including young children and adolescents. Most individuals do not have specific symptoms and majority of individuals are often reassured by their doctors of the ...

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