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May 16, 2018

liver cirrhosis

Fatty liver is an extremely common condition that affects 20-30% of all adults. Fatty liver is usually diagnosed on an ultrasound scan of the liver. The liver tests in the blood may or may not be abnormal. Individuals of any age can be affected including young children and adolescents. Most individuals do not have specific symptoms and majority of individuals are often reassured by their doctors of the ...

Fatty liver is an extremely common condition that affects about 25% of all adults. Fatty liver is usually detected on a routine abdominal ultrasound scan. Sometimes apparently healthy individuals are detected to have mild abnormalities in the blood tests related to the liver and on further evaluation with an ultrasound scan, they are detected to have fatty liver. Fatty liver can affect both people who drink alcohol and those who do not drink. Once excess alcohol consumption is excluded, fatty ...


Family of Shantha a sixty year old lady was devastated when she was diagnosed to have a pancreatic head tumor. Fortunately, on CT scans she had an early tumor with no evidence of spread elsewhere. Although medically found fit, the complex nature of operation – ‘Whipple Procedure’, possible complications and possibility of prolonged stay provided little comfort. She was referred to me and after careful scrutiny of her reports I suggested a laparoscopic (key hole surgery) Whipple procedur ...


Geetha (name changed) was suffering from ulcerative colitis for nearly eight years. She responded well to medical treatment for the initial five years but had frequent relapses of the disease since.

She had been on prolonged course of mesalamine, steroids, immune modulator drugs, Humira etc. Despite best efforts to control the disease with medications, she needed frequent hospital visits and her symptoms of loose stools with blood continued unabated.  A senior medical gastroenterologi ...

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