Chemotherapy is a treatment used to destroy or weaken the cancer cells in the body. The chemotherapy medicines works on the cancer cells at the original cancer site and also on other cancer cells that may have spread to other parts of the body. It breast chemotherapy is conducted to destroy any cancer cells that may be left behind in the body after the surgery so as to prevent a relapse. It is called “neoadjuvant” chemotherapy.

Our breast specialist in Dubai has undertaken many such procedures and is known to garner positive results and impact the lives of breast cancer patients in a constructive way.

How does chemotherapy work?

Cancer cells have a tendency to divide and multiply very quickly. It may so happen that these cancer cells spread across to other body parts as well and start affecting them. Chemotherapy prevents this massive growth of cancer cells by destroying them or weakening them at the original tumour site and also in the entire body.
At our breast clinic in Dubai, Chemotherapy medicines are mostly given as a combination of medicines to the patient. These combinations are called chemotherapy regimens. When treated at an early stage, chemotherapy is known to lower the cancer risk by completely destroying the cancer cells. And when treated at an advanced stage, the therapy shrinks the tumour size so that lesser tissues may be removed. Many of our patients have been treated successfully using this technique, making us the best breast specialist in Dubai.